The story goes that I sang before I ever spoke...no really, we have a video of me dancing on top of a boom box to Jimmy Buffet humming along before I even chose to speak words to my three older siblings and parents.

I grew up dreaming about becoming a pop star, and still very much so adore singing.  In fact, my fiance jokes that when I'm not singing it's usually because I'm housing food into my mouth, and even then I'm humming.

But that dream has evolved a lot.  Though I pursued that passion by joining Vocal Ensemble (cough National Champions 2009) and participating in musical theater in high school, something didn't keep me there.

I think of high school as the four years where my passions really combined.  Some passions were faded into the background, and others were strengthened.  When I started modeling, the Women in Medicine organization I was in started to seem less "me."  Track & Field became a game to jump over hurdles three days a week until that was no longer "me."   A few things remained exciting to me, however:  

  1.  Leading.  I was president of my grade school in 8th grade; class president Freshman, Sophomore and Junior year of high school; student council president my senior year of high school; a part of the executive board of my professional business organization in college; and the director of marketing at our writing center on campus.  My leadership style thrives when I am amidst inspiring people and stories.

  2.  Family. I have always been extremely close with my three older siblings and my parents.  They are hands down my best friends, they are the only humans that know my soul from the second I began.  They add more value to my being than I ever knew possible and I absolutely adore how their souls have shaped mine.

  3. Faith.  I have always felt this natural connection to God as I developed my own definition of my catholic life.  My grandma is convinced that I was the only one to provide enough comfort to her mother when I told her "Jesus is waiting for you, it's okay."  I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when I was 16, have taken medicine for it every night since, and am so confident in God's fire within my heart.  I began leading a Christian retreat called Emmaus when I was 17 and have since found ways to foster this loyalty to my spirituality in so many forms.

  4. Modeling. Suddenly I was the HAPPIEST human when I was walking on the runway, and I not only began to dream about becoming a supermodel, I absolutely obsessed over it.  It changed the way I looked at myself in the mirror in every form.  It provided me with some of the toughest goals I've ever made for myself, some of them met and others forgotten.  And lastly, it's shown me what I don't need to be to be happy and what I refuse to give up to be happy.

  5. Business. I think my life would be so different right now if I had the money, resources or creativity to have moved to NYC directly after high school.  Maybe I could've signed with a bigger agency, but my gut told me to get my degree.  Thank God I did because today I'm a technology consultant with this incredible firm in Chicago.  Plus, I would have never have met my fiance and wedding party if it weren't for university!

So why do I share these five things that still excite me?  Because the are my makeup.  They are my puzzle pieces and the thoughts that fill this blog.  They make me so happy and I want to share that happiness with more humans, even if it's just one reader.

To learn more about either of my two "careers" I've turned these exciting values into, click below!

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