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Oh hey there - you can call me Car!  I am the producer, host and author behind "Six Feet and Rising," or SFR!   You'll get to know me more through following my social media and poking around on this website or listening to my cackling laugh on a podcast episode, but that all adds up to about 5% of my life.

  I am married  to my incredible husband, Jon.  I'm the youngest of four kiddos with two older sisters and one older brother.  My family consists of the most hysterical humans and I'll always be trying to keep up because they are my absolute best friends.  I'm a technology consultant at an incredible firm in Chicago, where I help develop software solutions for mid-market clients in the Financial Services industry and dive deep into the employee experience.  Jon and I each travel a lot for work and so we get to do a lot of personal travel right now on work points and miles, so don't be fooled by our boujee-looking lives.


I really believe that human beings tend to search for something our entire lives: a dream we feel like we should chase or a more ideal livelihood.  I think we pepper our day dreams with a dose of reality or fear, a voice from society, or ourselves, or our relationships.  And that fear is telling you to keep a certain job so you can pay off student loans and start a family someday and be a human that contributes to our economy and societal norms. Which, to be fair, I intend to keep doing...

But I think there is a real risk here.  Maybe the biggest fear is that as we continue to chase logic or feel intimidated by others' great ideas, that we assume we should drop our own amazing ideas.  And for what? To sleep at night with no risk present knowing we are on the safe path?  To know on the 7th and 22nd of each month, the exact same amount of dollars will appear in my checking account?  I'm all for stability, but in the last few years I promised myself I would start using the time outside of my day job and keep choosing my passions instead of ignoring them.

Boom, that's why you're reading this long ass novel. So, here goes.

I have chosen to spend more time adoring all the blessings in my life and try not to have so many sunday scaries. I guess what I really decided is to stop living the same day every day and calling it a valuable week, month, or even a year.  *Queue 'Friends' Music and You're Welcome.

I have chosen to live life for the dark moments too, knowing they always turn into the bright moments that make everything brighter and bolder.  I decided to stop thinking of the time ticking away before I was six feet below (my actual greatest fear ever) and start living life for the moments I stood at my Six Feet Zero Inches (Yes, I'm a giant).

I have chosen to live life with the motto that we all are not marching to our grave, but instead marching at "Six Feet" and we're still rising.  Jump into my site, give me feedback for days, and open up your world to celebrate the moments we're Six Feet & Rising, the moments we're Six Feet & Slouching, and everything in between.

The best is yet to come - thanks for stopping in and stay tuned for more from SFR!

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